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At Elysian, we are passionate about what we do. We look at our projects as opportunities to make a meaningful impact in our clients' lives. We strive to not just build high performance, quality homes but relationships that will go on for decades.


Our network of subcontractors work well together to get projects done on time and on budget with as little complications as possible. We strive to create an atmosphere of excellence among our team. Reliability, transparency, professionalism, trust, and a positive attitude are the primary building blocks of our success. We stand by our word and are determined to conduct ourselves ethically. We love our job. And we only network with other subcontractors that share that love. Having an optimistic attitude on our way to work every day is the difference between a successful project and an exhausting one.


We continue to cultivate a positive vibe on our projects to empower others to overcome obstacles and allow them to be creative problem solvers.   We believe that our ability to adapt and evolve is our strength. Whether it s a large new construction project, a consultation, a deep energy retro-fit, or custom fabricated millwork, we commit to producing only quality products and solutions that our clients and our team will take pride in.


Whether our client wants little to no involvement or needs to be involved in every step, we enjoy providing guidance and empowerment to make their dream project a reality. We know there are a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing the right contractor. That's why we're happy to stop by and introduce ourselves and discuss your project with no obligation.


Chris serves as the visionary leader behind Elysian, shaping the company's ethos of quality, integrity, and professionalism. Since establishing the company in 2002, Chris has overseen the construction of high-end residential homes, collaborating with talented architects and contractors across New England. His commitment to excellence extends to prioritizing environmental sustainability, reflecting his dedication to minimizing the building industry's ecological footprint.

In his role as a strategic leader, Chris challenges the status quo to ensure that Elysian remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the construction industry. When not in the office, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife Kerianne, their daughter, and their two dogs.

Johnee loves a challenging build and is always developing new and better strategies to meet the ever-evolving demands of the design world. His focus is to oversee and direct the daily progress of each project. Johnee is an equity owner of Elysian and has over twenty-five years of experience building high end custom homes in Connecticut and Rhode Island. He has worked alongside the most respected builders in the area and on the most complicated and demanding projects out there. Passionate about passing along the wisdom he’s gained to the younger generations of craftsmen, Johnee works to ensure a bright future for the building industry & the Elysian team. Johnee lives in Gales Ferry, with his wife Karen and has three children. Johnee enjoys spending quality time with his family, staying fit, and is a documentary aficionado. 

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Bob is an extremely talented carpenter and project manager at Elysian. His eye for detail and understanding of the building process to create a quality product is invaluable to any job. Bob is originally from Mystic, CT and now lives with his wife and their two daughters in Lebanon, CT where he enjoys hunting and the great outdoors. 

Caleb is a natural leader. His position as Project Manager at Elysian has him overseeing projects from start to finish. He runs an extremely clean jobsite thanks to his impeccable attention to detail. Caleb lives with his wife Tyler in Preston, CT and enjoys motorcycles and dirt biking in his free time.   

Dave was the natural choice for Elysian’s Project Engineer position. Dave’s vast knowledge of carpentry paired with his commitment to quality craftsmanship elevates all projects he works on. Dave has over thirty years of experience in high end historical restoration and reproduction. His skillset has allowed him to work on some of the highest profile homes in the country. Dave’s jobsite expertise sees to the success and higher level of building at Elysian. Dave and his wife live in his hometown of Stonington, CT. He enjoys live music and playing the guitar.

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Chris is a talented carpenter with a well rounded experience. His positive and friendly attitude make the jobsite a little brighter and upbeat every day. He's worked on projects all over southern RI and southeastern CT. Chris lives in Plainfield, CT. When he's not working, he can be found spending quality time with his son and rock climbing. 

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There’s always room to improve when it comes to reducing our negative impact on our environment. Here are a few things we’ve implemented to do our part. 

Our Commitment

Phius Certified Passive House Builder 


"A Passive building is a set of design principles for attaining a rigorous level of energy efficiency while also creating comfortable indoor living spaces. These principles can be applied to all buildings, including single-family homes, multifamily apartment buildings, schools, skyscrapers and more. A Certified Passive House Builder Is trained and certified in applied passive house principals and understands the application of passive building techniques — airtight enclosures, high-performance window installation, passive design strategies, field quality assurance, and site management." Learn more here




During the course of construction, whether it be a remodel or a new construction home, there are a lot of missed opportunities to recycle and reduce waste. From cardboard window and door packaging that can be recycled, to just paying closer attention to how we allocate materials in order to reduce dunnage. We consciously strive to minimize the amount of material that ends up in a landfill.




Connecticut and Rhode Island both currently require a new construction home to pass a blower door test to demonstrate minimal air leakage which translates to energy leakage. Each state has a minimum score that needs to be reached in order to pass. But why settle for the minimum? We perform our own tests during the construction process in order to not just meet the state minimum, but exceed it. This allows us to build to a much higher standard. 




We are constantly looking for new, innovative and sustainable products on the market that can help us reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing quality or performance. Unless specifically requested by the designer or client, we opt to use products that have a low GWP (global warming potential), are sustainable, and are healthy for your family. Responsible forestry, non toxic chemical additives, and minimal embodied carbon are all things we consider when sourcing our material. 

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